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Bamboo palm

Chamaedorea seifrizzi

An elegant palm like a fine bamboo. It is a multicaule palm, that is, several stems (trunks). These can exceed 3 meters in height, but their thickness is only 2 centimeters. For this reason, they are said to resemble bamboo canes. It is a perfect interior palm, which requires almost nothing but take into account that it could reach about 3 meters.


Outdoor plants

Indoor plants


Semi-shaded exposure



Moderate watering (1 time/week)




Easy maintaince

How to care for your plant ?

  • Palm very easy to mind. The only thing is that if you want it as an indoor plant, you will need a very large pot …

What will this plant do for you ?

  • It has a totally unique leaf shape, gives an impressive touch anywhere..

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