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Lady Palm

Raphis multifida

The Lady Palm is without answer one of the favorite palms of our collection. With its fan leaves, divided into many very narrow segments, and its thin reeds it has a much more elegant appearance than the normal Raphis excelsa, being, however, equally tolerant, robust and appropriate for the conditions of the interior as of the exterior. It is multiplied by the children and can reach a height of 3 meters.


Outdoor plants

Indoor plants


Sunny exposure

Semi-shaded exposure


Moderate watering (1 time/week)




Easy maintaince

How to care for your plant ?

  • The ideal palm, looks so delicate and is so easy to mentener. It grows very well outdoors but avoid total exposure to the sun. Indoors, it will grow with very little soil and will not need so much water, but you can water it 2/3 times a week, it will not affect you.

What will this plant do for you ?

  • For being a Lady, this palm will bring you a lot of peace in front of its beauty.

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