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Adansonia digitata

Who has not sounded to have the widest tree in the world ... The African baobab is one of the most special and symbolic trees in the world, producing a huge, thick, swollen trunk that can reach up to 28 m in circumference, and a wide, extensive crown, which is empty during the dry season.


Outdoor plants


Sunny exposure


Moderate watering (1 time/week)




Easy maintaince

How to care for your plant ?

  • Like a classic coconut, avoid very compact soils. After nothing there is not much to do, if you want more fruits, we advise you to make water in times of drought.

What will this plant do for you ?

  • The Green Dwarf variety of Brazil, unlike the giant or high types its hybridization is intraspecific, the opening of the male flower fully coincides in the period of receptivity of the female flower, this makes the self-fertilization greater. that is, they will have more coconut and easy to pick …

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